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When Jason Allan Scott steps up to the microphone, prepare to be captivated. As an acclaimed entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author, Jason brings thought-provoking insights and contagious passion to every podcast appearance. His voice resonates with purpose as he shares the hard-won lessons and inspiring narratives behind his global business ventures.Having built and sold companies on 3 continents, Jason intricately weaves stories of setbacks and triumphs while advocating for individual empowerment. His feature on Forbes as an innovator and revolutionary place among the top 100 most influential people in events are testaments to his mastery.Jason is the Founder and creator of Podcasting for Business, a step-by-step podcast launch, growth and monetisation blueprint for business owners who want to amplify their vision, voice and monetise their show.Through his first show, The Guestlist Podcast, Jason honed the art of storytelling and demonstrated the immense power of strategic podcasting. Tuning in to his episodes promises an experience that transcends the ordinary - one where entrepreneurship meets eloquence. Jason Allan Scott is more than a business leader; he is a catalyst, ready to captivate you with his wisdom.

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As a podcast guest or keynote speaker, Jason talks on a wide range of topics from building a business, testing and launching a product or service, coming up from nothing and making something of his life (when others didn't think he could), being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition at age 40 and how he turned his life around.Here are some questions you can ask to make sure your audience learn some valuable insights:

  • How do you start a profit first business?

  • How do you start a one person business that allows you to have ultimate freedom?

  • How do you build a business that sells?

  • What makes a perfect business?

  • How do you start a podcast for your business?

  • How can you make money from a business podcast?

  • How to buy a business with nothing but a podcast?

  • What ways are there to promote a podcast?

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Listen to the Make Money Podcast, Jason's solo show where he busts money myths and helps listeners find ways to get more money in their bank account.


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